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Arabic Name Necklace
From Dhs. 210.00
Circles Necklace
From Dhs. 265.00
Heart & Name Ring
From Dhs. 185.00
Name Necklace
From Dhs. 210.00
Name Necklace
From Dhs. 210.00
Mother Love Necklace
From Dhs. 175.00 Dhs. 350.00


In CRAFT IT we believe that every gift must be especial, and nothing could make your gift more especial than natural flowers.

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Proudly Handmade in Dubai

Our brand values focus on three core elements: honesty, empowerment and positivity. In the vast consumer culture of today's throw-away society, it's important that we feel part of a meaningful process. We believe that a purchase should hold significance for our customers for years to come.