Chakra Bracelet

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The energy centers of the body. Each chakra corresponds with a particular colors, area of the body and a plays a certain role in our wellbeing.

Root - Ruby
Sacral - Sunstone
Solar Plexus - Rutilated Quartz
Heart - Emerald
Throat - Amazonite
Third Eye - Sapphire
Crown - Amethyst

It is available with either clear quartz, the universal amplifier or the grounding earth energy of smoky quartz.

Smoky Quartz is one of the most powerful grounding and clearing stones around. It can provide protection from negativity from others and in your environment. It can be used for manifestation, helping you to ground your dreams and ideas into reality. Its grounding effects can help to protect an individual from burnout by helping them to recognize when they feel overworked and to reconnect with themselves and to prioritize self care, Clear quartz is known as the universal crystal and a master healing stone. Due to is clarity it is said to act as a natural amplifier, meaning when you pair it with other stones it can enhance the properties of that stone as well. Due to is programmability, it is considered one of the most effective stones for manifesting ideas and intentions. It is also said to be an excellent protective stone that can ward of negative energy. This versatility makes it an ideal talisman for carrying or wearing as jewelry. It is a stone that is associated with the fire + spirit elements and the crown chakra, helping one to connect to their highest self.

Bracelets are strung on stretchy string and have a 14k gold fill accent beads. The beads are 4mm micro faceted gemstone beads. Fill is different than plated, the gold is bonded to jewellers brass. This bonding process binds the 14k gold to the base metal, and with basic care it wears like just gold and will not tarnish at a more affordable price than solid gold.

*All gemstones are earthly treasures, and are therefore one of a kind. Pieces will always have slight variations in the stones that will be different from the picture

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Size Guide

Medium is the most common size and fits most. If you are unsure of the right size for you, simply measure around your wrist with a piece of string, mark it and lay it beside a ruler. 


They are available in size:

- SMALL (6 in / 15.25 cm)

- MEDIUM (6.5 in / 16.5 cm)

- LARGE (7 in / 17.75 cm)


They are available in:

- SMALL (17.8 cm/7 in)

MEDIUM (20.4 cm/8 in)

LARGE (22.9 cm/9 in)

Please specify if you need different sizing at checkout.

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